[mythtv-users] My girlfriend's DVR

Pete Cap peteoutside at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 3 17:48:38 UTC 2007

Hello MythTV list,

Appended below are the components I'm planning on getting for my girlfriend's DVR project.  Please comment on the choices, I could use some guidance :)

Case: Silverstonetek LC-11 (silver)
Mobo: Undecided (Micro ATX form factor--plus the LC-11 has some specific requirements about where the expansion slots are)
CPU: Undecided

HD1: 40gb (to hold the OS)
HD2: 250gb (/videos partition)
DVD Burner: Undecided (newegg has a bunch for ~$40, not sure how to tell if it will be "strong" enough to push open the door covering the drive).

OS: Fedora Core 6 (whenever I have to rebuild my DVR, install and setup using Jarod's guide is very, very easy).

Capture card: Undecided.  I'm happy with the PVR-150 in my DVR, considering an AGP card for actual playback since I hear the tv-out in 

Ethernet Card: Undecided - I need to get a wired/wireless card and somehow set it to attach itself to any AP in range since she doesn't have internet (her neighbors are fine with this)

The LC-11 comes with a remote and an IR receiver...I'm not sure if I can use this to control the DVR functions.

Again, any comments are welcome.  Thanks in advance,

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