[mythtv-users] mythtv hardware plans

jason maxwell decepticon at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 16:32:05 UTC 2007

So I'd like to get some input.
I'm working on gathering the hardware to build myself one myth box to
rule them all. I want to do this right, but cant totally break the
bank doing it. I'll tell you what the plan is, let me know what you

I will have a Comcast coax directly to the mythtv box, no set top box
at all. I would like to have the option of watching and time shifting
live or recorded HD content, while also recording other possibly HD
content simultaneously.

Here's what I have in mind so far:

- non-VIA chipset ATX mobo
  how fast will my proc need to be to do what i want?

- (2) pcHDTV-5500 capture cards

- SATA ~400GB+ hard drive
  I will likely add more storage down the road at some point. I tend
to be a hoarder :)

- NVidia Geforce4 4200Ti AGP graphics
  If mobo has AGP. If not, I dont mind springing for a new PCIX card,
but cheaper is always better if this card could work.

- (2) 256MB DDR2 RAM
  That should be plenty, right?

- digital sound
  I'd like to be able to play back the 5.1 sound from HD recordings if
possible. Is quality sound possible with onboard audio, or should I
plan on a decent PCI card? I think i have an old SBLive card somewhere
I can use. would that work?

- Toshiba 50hm66 DLP rear projection HDTV
  I'll probably connect with the DVI from the vidcard to one of the
TV's HDMI inputs, with sound directly to my receiver.

Is there anything important that I'm overlooking? Other suggestions?
Thanks in advance for all responses.

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