[mythtv-users] OT: vonage callerID on mythtv

Jeffrey Born jeff.born at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 02:32:47 UTC 2007

If I go into the script and edit it I can change the port.  the new filter
strings i've tried are:

udp port 5060
udp port 5061
udp port 10000

None worked.  In each instance I started the vonageSniff.pl and then started
the mythfrontend.

As far as my setup the Linksys Routers I have are a befsru31 (this is
labeled as a DSL Router,) I also have a WRT54G Wireless Broadband router.
So I thought I had a couple of switches but was mistaken.  The befsru31 has
both the mythtv box and the cable modem pluged into it and the WRT54G has
the Vonage appliance on it.  The Model number on that is VT1005.

Last is that my assumption is that I will see the caller information when
watching a recording or livetv, but not when in the menu system.  I'm not
seeing it anywhere so I have something misconfigured.

Based on the model number of the vonage box can someone tell me what port I
should be using?
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