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I have setup a subnetwork inside a college network in which i currently have
a backend and frontend mythbox. I wish to move my backend out of this
subnetwork and onto the main network in order to get a better signal? Is it
possible that I could do this and leave the frontend where it is and setup
and IP tunnel through the network and if so how would I go about it??

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Hey there.

It doesn't really matter where you move the box.  As long as one can see the
other (via PING), then you can tunnel from the frontend to the backend.
OpenVPN is probably the solution you want.  http://www.openvpn.org

I doubt you need to worry about how busy your college's network is.  Being a
campus LAN I would be dumbfounded if it wasn't 100Mb Layer 3 switched, which
means you have dedicated bandwidth between your frontend and backend.

Good luck,
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