[mythtv-users] RF Remote Extender Success

John Kichury jjk439 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 13:24:26 UTC 2007

I was searching for an rf remote extender and purchased (with skepticism)
one from Next Generation Home Products (
http://www.nextgenerationhomeproducts.com/transmitter ) through Amazon.com.
This thing is incredible!  You replace one of the batteries (aaa or AA) in
your favorite IR remote with a tiny rf transmitter and a rechargeable
battery that comes with the product. Their battery is a little smaller than
a standard AAA battery, and when combined with the transmitter sleeve, has a
total length of a AAA battery. It comes with a AA sleeve in case you use the
larger batteries.The electronics picks up the small amount of rf given off
by the circuitry driving the IR LED, and transmits a signal, up to 100 ft,
to a receiver placed near the IR device you wish to control.

Total cost for me was $41 for the extender kit (shipping included) + $8 for
a "One For All" remote from WallMart.
It's working great with MythTV.

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