[mythtv-users] Frontend Channel Editor Displaying Incorrect Info

John Welch jrw3319 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 02:16:14 UTC 2007

I'm running MythTV SVN revision 12674.  I have two tuners in my backend
system; a PVR-150 for analog cable and a pcHDTV HD-3000 for QAM 256 digital
and HD stations.  The way I configured my channel lineups I have different
channel names, channel numbers, and callsigns for corresponding analog and
digital channels.  This allows me to have more control over which tuner card
and what type of recording I want to make.  I recently added a HDHomeRun
network tuner to my setup.  Because my cable company doesn't transmit
channel information all the HDHR channels that were added to my lineup show
up as "Unknown XX#Y" (where XX is the QAM channel and Y is some sub-channel
number).  So, I need to do some manual configuration on the "unknown"
channels.  The channel lineup that I get on the HDHR should pretty much
match up to the channels I can get on the HD-3000.  The idea that I had to
do this manual configuration was to go to the FrontEnd; use LiveTV to tune
an "unknown" channel; find the corresponding channel on the HD-3000; bring
up the Frontend channel editor ("e"); record the information; go back to the
HDHR "unknown" channel; bring up the channel editor; and put in the
information that I had written down.  However, what I am finding is that
when I bring up the channel editor on an HD-3000 channel it is actually
displaying the information from the corresponding analog channel of the

Here's an example: My local ABC affiliate is on channel 5, and their
callsign is WCVB.  For the analog PVR-150 channel I have the channel name
set to WCVB, the channel number set to 5, and the callsign set to WCVB.  For
the corresponding digital channel on the HD-3000 I have the channel name set
to ABC5-D, the channel number set to 505, and the callsign set to WCVB-D.
However, when I use the FrontEnd channel editor on the HD-3000 channel it
brings up WCVB, 5, and WCVB respectively for the three fields.

Have I found a bug, or do I just not understand something about how the
FrontEnd channel editor works?  Note, that when I go to the Channel Editor
in mythtv-setup everything shows up correctly.
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