[mythtv-users] IP Tunnel??

Brian Schott bschott at east.isi.edu
Fri Feb 2 02:12:52 UTC 2007

Ahh.  That makes more sense.  Well, the bandwidth issue still might  
be a problem.

The big question is: can you see the IP address of the backend from  
the frontend?  Is it on a public IP subnet, or at least in a private  
subnet that is directly outside your local subnet?  Then, security  
aside, all you need to do theoretically is change the master backend  
IP address settings (with mythtv-setup), then point the frontend(s)  
to the new IP address with the setup menu.

If you need to get through a firewall, you should be able to use ssh  
to do the port forwarding. http://www.revsys.com/writings/quicktips/ 
The ports I know about are: MySQL (TCP port 3306) and mythbackend  
(TCP ports 6543 and 6544), but I don't know if Mythtv uses any  
others.  Again, ssh can be a CPU hog, so I'm not sure what you can  
pump through it reliably for a video stream.

Failing all of that, go get a 802.11N wireless access point and a  
couple of interface cards and go wireless!  Eliminates all of the  
nasty gateway router issues, but you might be competing with campus  
wireless networks and still have problems...

On Feb 1, 2007, at 8:43 PM, David Lynam wrote:

> Thanks for your help but you have my senario right but the reason  
> to move wrong.
> I am moving the Backend because where it is at the minute I have to  
> use "rabit ears" antenna to pick up a tv signal. This is a very  
> poor signal so I have proposed to move my backend and place it in a  
> room where I have direct acess to a external antenna thus creating  
> a strong signal. Then I hope to talk to the frontend from here??  
> Any ideas of how i would set up such a system??
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> Let's see if we understand the question:
> 1. You have a subnetwork (like a 192.168.x.x) behind an access  
> point that runs network address translation (NAT), say in your dorm  
> room?
> 2. You want to move the backend to a network outside your local NAT  
> onto the main campus network (friends with root are friends  
> indeed :-) to get better bandwidth to the internet?
> The answer is most likely yes, but should you?  Right now your  
> front end and backend are talking to each other over a local  
> network switch.  When you watch TV, the stream between front-end  
> and back-end might average 3Mb/sec (depending on transcoder  
> settings).  My guess is that your busy college network will give  
> you really poor performance if you are competing with multiple  
> users on the college network.
> If you don't have to move the backend box to change networks, why  
> not just plug your NAT device into the campus network?   
> Alternatively, beg borrow or buy a PCI network interface card (they  
> are probably $10 on newegg.com and are often found as trash in  
> computer lab equipment rooms) and install a second card into your  
> backend.  One card is the local lan, the new card connects to the  
> campus network.  Best of both worlds.
> On Feb 1, 2007, at 7:00 PM, David Lynam wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have setup a subnetwork inside a college network in which i  
>> currently have a backend and frontend mythbox. I wish to move my  
>> backend out of this subnetwork and onto the main network in order  
>> to get a better signal? Is it possible that I could do this and  
>> leave the frontend where it is and setup and IP tunnel through the  
>> network and if so how would I go about it??
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