[mythtv-users] Mpls-St.Paul MythTV Users

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 19:32:15 UTC 2007

Recently, on January 31, 2007, KTCA (or TPT as they refer to themselves),
changed the line-up on UHF Channel 34.  Before the change, only a single
ATSC Channel (2-1, 2.1, or 21) was being broadcast as TPT HD.

AFTER the change, TPT HD moved to ATSC Channel (2-2, 2.2, or 22),
and plain, old Channel 2 programming is being simulcast on (2-1, 2.1, or 21).
A big thanks to Twin Cities Public Television for a Golden Opportunity to
challenge us MythTV users to adjust our systems to match your changes!

Here are the steps I took to change MythTV to be able to Watch TV and
record programs from two channels (21 and 22) instead of only one (21).

1. I ran mythtv-setup -> Channel Editor -> Scanner, and scanned only
    the single channel - UHF 34.  The results were confusing (and wrong),
    as follows:

                    Updating TPT HD 2-2 as 21 Multiplex #9(0)
                    Updating TPT 2    2-1 as 21 Multiples #9(0)

    Now, really... they can't both be 21 - that's gotta be an error.
    Channel 22 didn't even show up in the list of channels!

2. I ran mythtv-setup -> Channel Editor -> Scanner AGAIN, and again
    scanned only the single channel - UHF 34.  This time, the results were
    more reasonable:

                  Adding TPT HD 2-2 as 22 Multiplex #9(0)
                  Updating TPT 2       as 2-1 Multiplex #9(0)

3. Then, using the Channel Editor editing function, I added the appropiate
     XMLTVID's to Channels 21 and 22.  I wasn't sure this would work, because
     ZAP2IT has not made any changes to correspond with Twin Cities Public
     Television's changes.

4. Next, I looked at the mythconverg Channel Table and noticed that the 'freqid'
    for both 21 and 22 was now set to 0.  It should be 34 - the UHF
channel number,
    so I used phpMyAdmin to edit 'freqid' and change it to 34.

5.  I ran mythfilldatabase, and after it finished, I checked my
lineups on ZAP2IT.
     They were unchanged - Whew!

6.  I started the backend and the frontend, looked in the program
guide, and found
     that both Channels 21 and 22 appeared with the correct programs
listed for each.

Thanks again, Twin Cities Public Television, for providing 45 minutes
of MythTV fun.

And finally this footnote:  the other ATSC tuners in the house (Sony and LG)
required no special effort to find Channels 21 and 22.  Just punching in the
channel numbers was the only step required to bring up the "new" channels.


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