[mythtv-users] New install and my problmes.

Damian Surr damian at gingermagic.com
Thu Feb 1 13:13:39 UTC 2007

> Having just moved from Mandriva to Ubuntu, perhaps I can shed dome light 
> on your difficulties, well, some of them, anyway.
> (1) The Ubuntu (perhaps Debian?) install seems to create the 'mythtv' 
> user in the mysql database with a generated password: mine was 
> 'ovrvzjvw'. All the on-line docs and examples indicate you should be 
> running with 'mythtv' as a password. Perhaps the best bet is to use 
> mysqladmin to change it back before going anywhere near mythtv setup.
That certainly sheds some light on why the mysql problems might have 
happened. I'm not quite sure what to do about it though. Should I change 
the settings on my user to use the password that was generated? That 
seems to be the best thing to do in terms of keeping things working, but 
I'm not sure how to go about doing it!
Should I change the generated password to mythtv (as all the docs say it 
should be)? If so, how?

Sorry id these are dumb questions. I know nothing about mysql (if that 
is what's causing the problems. Trying to find my own solution last 
night got me part way, but I just don't know what to do with the 
situation I'm left in
> (2) The 'mythtv' user, I believe, should be considered a 'system' 
> account, that is, you should never have to log into a shell using it. 
> Certainly up to now I have never found the need to. Your only link with 
> it is via the various myth programs and scripts, which should all 
> reference the mysql.txt file. Note there can be an alarming number of 
> these files in different locations: why? Anyhow, do a find for them and 
> make sure they all have identical values.
I was logging into it last night because I thought it was the only 
account that let myth work. Now it seems that my partners account works 
too, meaning that mine is the only account that doesn't work.
> The only other time you might need the mythtv password is if you use 
> mysql directly, that's fair enough.
> Don't confuse mythtv as a system user with mythtv as a mysql user; the 
> two are not equivalent, either can exist without the other.
I know that they're different, but I'm not always sure which one Mythtv 
is referring to.
> (3) Ubuntu versions of the programs seem to want to change the names of 
> the files - Mandriva=mythbackend; Ubuntu=mythtv-backend, for example.
> (4) Possible problem with EIT data from the UK, if you turn it on for 
> radio channels - some of them don't set the right categories for 
> programs. I found every program for BBC Radio 7 flagged as a film - 
> which makes browsing the film lists difficult.
I'll be trying Davids advice for the program schedule when I get to the 
> Hope this adds some enlightenment for the shell-shocked, perhaps.
> Mike Perkins
Thanks Mike

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