[mythtv-users] cx88_dvb gets into a funky mood (100% signal, no lock)

Robert Tsai mythtv at tsaiberspace.net
Thu Feb 1 05:02:05 UTC 2007

On Wed, Jan 31, 2007 at 08:51:34PM -0800, Brad Templeton wrote:
> I've been playing with an old pchdtv-3000 card in a new ubuntu
> system running 2.6.17-10-generic kernel.   It works fine, but
> sometimes -- no pattern yet as to when, the card will get into a
> state where myth and azap show it as reporting 100% signal strength
> (instead of the normal strengths in the range from 20 to 90) but no
> lock except the "1", and no function.
> To fix it, I have to unload the cx88_dvb module with modprobe -r and
> re load it, and all is working again.
> Anybody had this trouble, and know what causes it?  Never seen it on
> my regular pchdtv-3000 running on a 2.6.12 system.

I've seen this sporadically, but never so persistently that I had to
unload/reload the cx88-dvb module as you describe. My azap output just
shows a few "blips" here and there of "100%", but it always
immediately goes back to normal.

This is with kernel on amd64.


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