[mythtv-users] atrpms update breaks fedora 8 add/remove

Axel Thimm Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
Mon Dec 31 00:11:15 UTC 2007

On Sun, Dec 30, 2007 at 06:02:32PM -0500, Eugene Regad wrote:
> Just a word from/to the adventurous and unwise.
> On Dec 27, I installed mythtv using the Fedora-7 instructions on the 
> mythtv site using the
> atrpms-package-config-118-1.fc8.i386.rpm.   This was on a bare-metal 
> installation of Fedora 8
> (fully updated).   After I installed mythtv, I got a prompt for an 
> update of these files (the current installations on F8):
> directfb-1.0.0-3.fc8   
> flac-1.2.1-1.fc8   
> fuse-2.7.0-8.fc8   
> ipw2200-firmware-3.0.9   
> libraw1394-1.3.0-3.fc8
> lirc-0.8.2-2.fc8
> lm_sensors-2.10.5-1.fc8
> lzo-2.02-3.fc8
> mutt-1.5.17-2.fc8
> pm-utils-0.99.4-6.fc8
> After I updated, the Fedora 8 add/remove program was broken.  A bug 
> report was created,
> indicating pirut was malfunctioning.   I didn't send it, since it didn't 
> seem reasonable.

Why? Any bug report is helpful.

> After a bare-metal re-installation and update of Fedora 8, I 
> re-installed mythtv and got exactly the same result (Again!).  On the 
> third bare metal install, I removed the atrpms repo entry from 
> yum.repos.d.   The 'Update prompt ' promptly went away.  I have not 
> investigated further; mythtv is working well enough for now.

This sounds more like a bug in pirut than in atrpms. Perhaps it can't
cope with too many packages or too many package dependencies?

At any rate when pirut/kyum mess up one should always try to fall back
to using plain yum to see whether the bug is in the GUI wrapper. Not
that yum is infallible, but at least it narrows down the possibilities.
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
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