[mythtv-users] DVB-C and mythTV : @home Netherlands

Gert van der Knokke gertk at xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 30 15:26:11 UTC 2007

Marcel Janssen schreef:
> Hello Gert,
>>>> Is this a DVB-C card with CI and smartcard ? If so I am very interested
>>>> in this combination.
>>> Correct. I use a KNC1 card with attached CI. I ordered an alphacrypt
>>> card, which should arrive this week, so I should know more about it by
>>> the end of this week. For now the free channels like (nederland1, TV
>>> brabant, TV flevoland etcc...) work fine.
> I managed to get all channels working on my DVB-C card. In the end it turned 
> out to be quite easy, but mythtv behaves strange when scanning. When reading 
> the channels.conf file it finds all channels, but enters a wrong frequency 
> value in the database. After manually correcting all frequencies it worked 
> fine except for a handful channels that don't have sound. I still need to 
> figure that out, but since it concersn channels I never watch I don't care 
> much about it at this moment.
The sound problem could be the channels that have Dolby Digital sound
(some German channels have this).

What did you spend for this card/ci adapter/ci interface ?

I have looked around and found Alternate has the DVB-C Plus version of
the KNC card but I guess I need the Cineview adapter too and the CI
interface (is that the Alphacrypt?) Still the total cost are way beyond
200 Euros for a single tuner setup.

I have been fiddling with a Siemens M750C which has dual tuner
capability to act as a (dual) tuner for Myth, it produces through
network or USB2 a bunch of MPEG2 parts which can be stitched together to
a single MPEG2 file. Only thing to find out is how to control this
device. Maybe it can be done with lirc.

These sets are available for less than 100 Euros and are (more or less)
supported by TV-Home, so if it works it is a bargain!
I know stability isn't its greatest strengtht (although it runs Linux
internally) but I figured if I can remotely switch it on and off
(klikaanklikuit for example) and start/stop recording and change channel
(through lirc) it might be usable.


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