[mythtv-users] Myth UPNP Server

Chris Mcnally expectspam2 at pobox.com
Thu Dec 27 20:57:09 UTC 2007

Martin Isak Jansen wrote:
> 2007/12/17, Peter Loof <mail-list at loof.homedns.org 
> <mailto:mail-list at loof.homedns.org>>:
> >Could it be that the IP address set with mythtvsetup is localhost or
> > <>. I did not get the UPNP part working 
> until I changed it to
> >another (the one your PC is configured to use) adress.
> I tryed setting a propper ip adress, and it did not make any 
> difference here. Any other sugestions?
> -- 
> Martin Isak Jansen
> www.blomstereng.org <http://www.blomstereng.org>
I don't use MythUbuntu, but I have the D-Link DSM-320 working wired and 
wireless. You can check the myth backend startup script and see if the 
-noupnp flag is used, or kill the myth backend and start it manually 
with no flag. Otherwise, the only similar problem I had was with my 
sister's Myth box, which had two settings in MythtvSetup as,  
the setting "Master Server IP Address" and "IP Address for mythtv" and I 
just changed both to the real IP of the Myth backend box, exited setup 
and rebooted the backend box

Then on the  DSM-320 I went into its setup and searched for servers and 
it found Myth.

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