[mythtv-users] Static IP vs. DHCP

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 18:04:52 UTC 2007

> Thanks for the response Chad. From what you're saying, I infer that to
> use the server name, the DHCP server needs to be augmented by a robust
> DNS server on the local network. When that is the case, MythTV should
> work with the server name instead of a static IP, but to avoid people
> running into problems setting up MythTV when their DHCP server is not
> providing proper DNS services, it simplifies things to just tell people
> to use a static IP.
> Did I understand that correctly?
> Carl.

Sounds about right.  The same holds true for most networks.  A single
point of failure (a lone DNS server) would bring down the entire
network if every device was configured using host names instead of an
IP.  It eases simplicity (you plug in a friendly name instead of a
cryptic IP) but gives you another thing to worry about.  By making
your DNS, DHCP and Myth server "all-in-one" you kind of negate the
potential of monitoring multiple hardware failures (service failures
may still occur); meaning if your motherboard dies, you don't need a
working Mythbackend, a working DHCP or a working DNS server (for
Myth's purposes) since any one of these means failure all around
anyway.  In a real world situation you typically don't have all those
services on a single host, and DNS failure doesn't bring down your
services (maybe your user's interaction with those services though)
and they can keep right along working without DNS, all assuming you
did use the IP of the systems instead of their DNS resolved names.


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