[mythtv-users] ASUS M2NPV-VM or GIGABYTE GA-M68SM-S2

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Sat Dec 22 18:09:50 UTC 2007

Ma Begaj wrote:

> M2NPV-VM with 2 HDDs, PVR500, PVR150, on-board sound
> Suspend to RAM (S3) is working now (I had problems with old kernels),
> but I have to do following before suspending:
> 1. check if ivtv is busy ... unload ivtv and depending modules if not
> busy or stop suspend if ivtv is busy
> 2. stop lircd and unload lirc modules
> 3. unload usb modules
> 4. set wake up time
> @1: Unloading ivtv should not be needed, but I sometimes got errors
> after waking up
> @3: If I do not unload usb modules, mythbox wakes up after one second
> @2: I am unloading lirc modules because of unloaded usb modules
> (remote's ir-receiver is connected to usb)
> the problem with this process is that I have to restart mythfrontend
> after waking up, because mythfrontend looses contact to lirc if it is
> restarted. but I do not mind restarting mythfrontend, is just takes a
> few seconds.
> all together: suspending in 2-3 seconds ... waking up in 7-8 seconds
> (longer because of restarting mythfrontend).

What kernel and lirc versions are you using?

I am using a ASUS M2NPV-VM (BIOS version 1001) with a Microsoft MCE 
remote reciever and running kernel and lirc 0.8.3pre3. I have 
no need to stop lirc, unload lirc modules or unload usb modules when 
using S3 suspend.

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