[mythtv-users] OT - VGA -> USB - NOT - USB -> VGA

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Thu Dec 20 23:10:44 UTC 2007

On 12/20/2007 11:24 AM, Trey Thompson wrote:
> I've been having a very hard time finding such a beast.  Then I
> figured, hey, who better than the video experts with Myth!!!  :)
> I'm looking for an adapter that will take VGA and convert it to USB,
> or something similar, for video display.  Why would I do something so
> crazy?
> I own an IT company, and it would be REALLY nice for a technician to
> be able to plug in this "Mythcable", and see the screen output from a
> server, right on their laptop.  Instead, now we have to find an unused
> monitor in the office, haul it around, etc...
> Anyone know of such an animal?

I missed your original post, so apologies if this threads incorrectly  
(I clicked reply on Michael T. Dean's message).

This is exactly what you describe:
I didn't know these were available, and only stumbled across the  
google advert for it when looking for the links which will follow in  
a moment. The problem with the above device, as Michael T. Dean said,  
is drivers - you'll need to install Windows drivers for it before  
it'll work.

Personally I'm lusting over "hardware VNC" KVM-over-IP-switches:
and I would prefer them for this task.

When I first discovered these, perhaps 4 years ago, I think the one- 
port Adderlink was the only one on the market. I don't remember if it  
was a 550 or 700 - it could possibly have been priced in excess of  
a grand, but if so it had certainly fallen to 550 (its current  
price?) by two years ago. The 1-port Adderlink has a serial port that  
allows it to control a regular 8-, 16- or 32-port KVM switch, thus  
enabling it to act as a VNC-over-IP gateway for quite a number of  
PCs. As you can see, there's a lot more competition now with  
Raritan's single-port model at 410 and Rextron's 4-port is no more  
expensive than the now-venerable 1-port Adder. I feel that 1,200 is  
quite reasonable for an 8-port, if you have the application to  
justify it.

As I say, I have been lusting over these for quite some time. And I  
see that the prices have fallen to the point where I might be able to  
justify one, although I'm a bit skint at the moment. Looking at these  
I'd be surprised if I hadn't splashed out on one in the next couple  
of years, and I'm already thinking how it might allow me to  
restructure my business.


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