[mythtv-users] OT - VGA -> USB - NOT - USB -> VGA

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Dec 20 16:36:42 UTC 2007

Trey Thompson wrote:
> I've been having a very hard time finding such a beast.  Then I
> figured, hey, who better than the video experts with Myth!!!  :)
> I'm looking for an adapter that will take VGA and convert it to USB,
> or something similar, for video display.  Why would I do something so
> crazy?
> I own an IT company, and it would be REALLY nice for a technician to
> be able to plug in this "Mythcable", and see the screen output from a
> server, right on their laptop.  Instead, now we have to find an unused
> monitor in the office, haul it around, etc...
> Anyone know of such an animal?

Why not use VNC? Run the server on the server, and any client can see
the display.

Having said that, a graphical display from a server is, IMHO, of limited
usefulness. Anything you need to do or see from a server can generally
be done with a command line interface, vis SSH or the like.

Of course this may not be true of Windows servers, but nobody using any
of those would be on *this* list :-)

And in any case, VNC servers and clients are available for Windows.


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