[mythtv-users] USB UIRT checksum error and 2.6.22 kernel

Levander levander at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 20 13:55:54 UTC 2007

As noted previously on this mailing list, when you try to use the USB UIRT with the 2.6.22 kernel, you get a checksum error in /var/log/messages:


Even though I don't own one of these yet, I emailed a few people from this and another message board about problems they've had.  Then, I went ahead and entered a bug about it in Ubuntu's Launchpad.  I'm not using a kernel straight from kernel.org, and their instructions said not to enter a bug there if you weren't, so I went to Ubuntu's:


Has anyone tried their suggestion of using the 2.6.24 kernel?

I'm really thinking I'm gonna go ahead and purchase one and try it myself.  fishor doesn't say in his comment on the bug report, but I'm hoping 2.6.24 will just work on the Gutsy release and I won't have to install Hardy to test it.

Is it worth going through the trouble of getting the USB UIRT working?  Is it pretty much as good as any other IR receiver?  I don't care much about the IR transmitter capabilities.  One of the people I emailed said how the USB UIRT does button repeats is kind of annoying but that he could live with it. 

USB is preferrably to the serial connection on most of these cheap IR receivers for a couple of obvious reasons.  Plus, the USB UIRT is only $8.  But, does the USB UIRT perform as well as the cheap IR receivers after you have it plugged in?

Maybe the USB UIRT is just not worth the trouble and I should stick with a serial IR reciever?


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