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Lan Barnes lan at falleagle.net
Sun Dec 16 19:56:10 UTC 2007

On Sun, December 16, 2007 3:03 am, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Mike Dent wrote:
>> Take a look at Gary Parkers website,
>> http://parker1.co.uk/mythtv_tips.php , about half way down the page.
>> this should help.
>> Mike
>> --
>> http://www.g6phf.co.uk
>> http://www.wowdad.co.uk
>> On 15/12/2007, Nick Morrott <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On 15/12/2007, Lan Barnes <lan at falleagle.net> wrote:
>>>> See above on identifying it. When I find the config location, it'll be
>>>> [0|1] and I'll make it the other.
>>>> /etc/rc.d/initd/lircd is unrewarding. Other than pointing to
>>>> /etc/lirc.conf, which defines the buttons and nothing else, it has no
>>>> config I can find.
>>>> Nothing seems to be in any of the 3 .mythtv dirs, /home/mythtv, /root,
>>>> or /
>>>> There is a lircrc in the /home/mythtv/.mythtv, but it seems to be a
>>>> mapping from the button map to the myth functions.
>>>> So I ask again, can anyone confirm|deny that there is a config
>>>> somewhere
>>>> that chooses lirc[0|1], and if so, where is it?
>>> On Fedora (and likely other distros), the lircd init script config
>>> lives in /etc/sysconfig. Here you can specify the '--device
>>> /dev/lirc1' option, which is read by the init script when run, and
>>> allows you to specify a non-default (/dev/lirc0, /dev/lirc) device.
> There are 5 (or 4) parts which need to be set up to get lirc working for
> a mythtv setup. The first 2 are usually done by the lirc installer, but
> not necessarily, or not necessarily correctly.
> 1)	You will probably need a driver, and a version of lirc compiled with
> your driver. Try 'lircd -H -h' from the command line to see what it
> supported in your version of lircd. The driver may be a module and may
> need to be loaded in modprobe.conf. I have to use 'lirc_imon'.
> 2)	You need an entry (either a file or a line in an existing file) in
> /etc/udev/rules.d. This defines which /dev/lirc entry will be used.
> Using a USB connected iMon Pad, the 'correct' setup is:
> KERNEL=="lirc[0-9]*", NAME="lirc/%n"
> This tells the system to create a folder (/dev/lirc/0 etc.) for each
> hardware item found. Since I only have one unit, I use:
> KERNEL=="lirc[0-9]*". MAME="lirc"  (which is a little easier to find in
> /dev)
> You can add SYMLINK="lirc" MODE="666" to the 'correct' line if needed.
> The MODE setting takes care of 'permission refused' errors.
> Check by parsing dmesg...use 'dmesg | grep LIRC'
> So now the hardware should be s directed to the correct place.
> 3)	You need a lircd.conf file. This is usually in /etc.It has lines
> which look like this:
>        begin codes
>            AppExit                  0x288195B7
>            Record                   0x298115B7
>            Play                     0x2A8115B7
>            SlowMotion               0x29B195B7
>            Rewind                   0x2A8195B7
> You can create this file if necessary with irrecord.
> 4)	You need an lircrc file. It has lines which look like this:
> 	begin
>      		prog = mythtv
>      		button = Play
>      		config = P
> 	end
> It sounds like you have this file. It usually lives in /home/mythtv or
> as /home/mythtv/.lircrc or elsewhere. MAKE SURE YOU ONLY HAVE ONE
> VERSION. Symlink any other copies. There are various versions of this
> file floating around and you can revise any of them.
> Note that these files act as case switches. The raw code is read, and a
> command code is output from lircd.conf. That command code is received by
> lirc and passed to the program 'upstairs' as if it were a keypress. The
> command codes must match...NOT Vol+ in one and VOLUME-UP in the other,
> not SlowMotion in lircd.conf and SloMo in lircrc.
> 5)	Finally, in order to make this useful for something like mythtv, you
> need a daemon launch file, lirc in /etc/rc.d/init.d. There are versions
> in the lirc packages, for Fedora and you just copy and rename from the
> contrib folder to your system. Use chkconfig to set it to start on boot
> in at least level 5. You can use 'service lirc start' etc. to test the
> startup.
> You should not need to have options in /etc/sysconfig/lirc but some
> hardware setups require it. These are situations where you must specify
> a particular driver, and a particular hardware point. Note that this can
> also be done in the /etc/init.d/lirc script itself.
> There is more that the lirc website.
> Geoff

"Hope That Helps"? My god, it's a grad school course. Thank you so much.

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