[mythtv-users] Sort of OT: weird network issues

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Fri Dec 14 16:15:03 UTC 2007

This is a weird one, but it is making my Myth setup not work, so I come 
to the masses to see if anyone can figure this head scratcher out.

I have an mfe that was running on an AGP Pentium D system with an Nvidia 
6200 card. I was satisfied with that system playing back HD, but I 
wanted to use some of the new OpenGL video modes, so I side-graded to a 
PCI-E board (same CPU, NIC, audio card, just a new motherboard) and an 
Nvidia 8400 card. It booted up fine, saw all the hardware, everything 
just seemed to work. Until I tried to go to 'Watch Recordings'. And 
there it hung. Eventually it came back with the infamous 'Can't connect 
to backend' (I have a separate mbe). Strange. I can ping the backend, I 
can ssh to the backend, I can scp files from the backend and they copy 
at near wire speed, I can ping/ssh/scp from the database server. I can 
mount the backend recordings and play them with xine and mplayer no 
problem, but as soon as I try to access the Watch Recordings screen, it 
times out. The really weird thing is that Live TV works! I can telnet to 
the myth ports on the mbe as well.

In my troubleshooting I swapped the PCI slot for the NIC, no change. I 
removed the PCI GigE NIC and used the 100BT onboard LAN, no change. I 
disabled all extraneous hardware in the BIOS, no change. There are no 
IRQ conflicts, according to lspci. I rebooted my switches, no change. 
This one has seriously got me stumped. My next step is going to swap in 
a different HD and reinstall a new OS from scratch and see if that makes 
a difference.

Does anyone have ANY idea what might be going on?


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