[mythtv-users] youtube not working in mythnews

Matt skd5aner at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 03:42:08 UTC 2007

I've always had limited success on getting youtube RSS feeds to
playback properly in mythnews.  However, now it seems I can't even get
it to attempt to download.  I'm running current SVN (from yesterday)
and here's what the console is dumping out when I trying a random
selection from the youtube choices:

2007-12-13 22:24:49.120 XMLParse::LoadTheme using
2007-12-13 22:24:53.065 HttpComms::done() - NetworkOperation Error on
Finish: Server closed connection unexpectedly (1): url: 'http://yout
		var swfArgs =

		var additionalStatsHonorsUrl =
		var additionalStatsAudioUrl =
		var watchlistContainerUrl =
		var fullscreenUrl =
eOuQC&fs=1&title=Evolution of Dance';
		var watchGamUrl = null;
		var watchDCUrl = null;
		var watchQuery = null;
		var watchSourceDetail = null;
		var watchSourceId = null;
		var watchTrackWithHitbox = false;
		var watchIsPlayingAll = false;
		var watchPlayerTrackingId = null;
		var watchUsername = 'judsonlaipply';
		var pageVideoId = 'dMH0bHeiRNg';
		var relatedVideoGridUrl =
		var relatedVideoListUrl =
		var playnextFrom = '';
		var playnextCount = '0';
		var qlAutoscrollDestination = 0;
		var watchSetWmode = false;

		var axc = '';
		var subscribeaxc = '';
			watchPlayerTrackingId = '

Any ideas?


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