[mythtv-users] Wrong aspect ratio, weird fonts after upgrading to ubuntu gutsy 7.10

Jon Boehm boehm100 at comcast.net
Fri Dec 14 01:12:21 UTC 2007

Jon Boehm wrote:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> On 10/21/2007 07:12 AM, Dean Harding wrote:
>>> Joan VallÚs wrote:
>>>> Just upgraded to Gutsy (7.10) and I've started to have problems when 
>>>> viewing recordings. My box is connected to a Samsung LCD TV (16:9) which 
>>>> has a resolution of 1360x768, before upgrading when I watched 4:3 
>>>> material with zoom off it played well just with two black bars on the 
>>>> side; now it fills all the screen. On the other side, 16:9 material gets 
>>>> letter boxed and it should not.
>>> There's a setting somewhere under Setup->Something (TV Setttings 
>>> possibly?)->Playback (can't remember exactly) where you specify your 
>>> screen's aspect ratio.
>>> I found that after I upgraded to Gutsy, that setting had been changed to 
>>> 4:3 (I believe it may have had to do with the NVIDIA drivers being 
>>> updated, possibly). Once I set that to 16:9, it all worked fine again.
>> Actually, the setting wasn't changed.  It just didn't appear until you
>> upgraded X (the new X does things differently--not sure whether it's a
>> bug or what).  So, you set it for the first time after upgrading.  It
>> shouldn't be required unless you have multiple displays (and the newest
>> versions of Myth trunk and 0.20-fixes SVN) now work with even the new X
>> to find out if it's needed, so you'll see the setting disappear again
>> and it will do the right thing.
> This is troubling.  I intend to upgrade to Gutsy.  What happens if I 
> have two xsessions?  I have a 4:3 TV on the as DISPLAY=0.1 and a 16:9 
> projector on DISPLAY=0.0.
> I switch between them by doing this.
> for 16:9 projector:
> mythfrontend -O Theme=blootube-wide -display :0.0 --geometry 1280x720+0+0
> for 4:3 TV:
> mythfrontend -display :0.1
> I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm going to run into problems.
> Jon

I think I might have found a solution to my own problem.  I'm looking 
for some confirmation and high probability of success before I do the 
big scary upgrade from Ubuntu 7.04 to 7.10.

I'm the guy with two x-session. I only use Myth on one at a time, a 16:9 
projector and a for 4:3 TV.  I think this should work.

for 16:9 projector:
mythfrontend -O XineramaMonitorAspectRatio=1.7778 -O Theme=blootube-wide 
-display :0.0 --geometry 1280x720+0+0

for 4:3 TV:
mythfrontend -O XineramaMonitorAspectRatio=1.3333 -display :0.1

Note the " -O XineramaMonitorAspectRatio=1.**** " bit.

It also seems that I should be able to add this to my xorg.conf and fix 
the problem there too.
Option  "Xinerama" "false"

Thanks I value any upgrade advise I can get,

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