[mythtv-users] Mythdvd creates large files that stutter.

Ryan Freng ryanfreng at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 22:20:00 UTC 2007


As the subject describes, I am having trouble with the transcoded
files.  If I take anything and import it with MythDVD at Good quality
there is usually minor stuttering, which is a headache to watch.  If i
import with Excellent, the video looks fine but the file size is twice
what it should be.

I'm making the size comparison based off of downloaded 40min tv shows.

download: 350mb - 40 minutes

   Excellent: 660mb - 40 minutes
          Good: 480mb - 40 minutes

What, if any, is the proffered way to get great quality transcode at a
size of 40 minutes ~ 350mb?

I haven't been able to experiement lately, but i have been searching
around the net quite a bit with no luck.

On a side note, I'm running Ubuntu 6.10 and am wondering if it would
be a good idea to upgrade to Gutsy and the latest version of Mythtv.
I haven't done ANY research so feel free to call me names and point me
to a web site that explains all of this ;)


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