[mythtv-users] mpeg decoder for mythcommflag

Ken Mandelberg km at mathcs.emory.edu
Tue Dec 11 04:12:44 UTC 2007

>Michael T. Dean Wrote:
> On 12/10/2007 08:55 AM, Ken Mandelberg wrote:
>> There is a choice of decoder for playback, Can a choice be made for 
>> mythcommflag?
> TTBOMK, only by changing the code.  Generally, though, you shouldn't
> need to change the decoder.  Note, also, that the message, "libmpeg2
> will use mpeg2 library; this is faster on some AMD processors" doesn't
> give the full story--i.e. but doesn't work as well as standard.  And,
> TTBOMK, the XvMC options and the Mac hardware option are only usable
> when actually displaying the video.
> So, in other words, the real question is why would you want to change
> the decoder?  What issue are you trying to solve?  If the issue you're
> having is that mythcommflag is unable to rebuild the seektable in some
> (all?) of your recordings, use mythtranscode --buildindex, instead. 
> Many examples exist in the archives, so look them up to see the right
> arguments to use.
> Mike

Actually this has been a long standing problem for me on certain 
streams, particularly on Comcast firewire as opposed to Comcast HdHomerun.

I submitted a ticket on the mythcommflag problem 3 months ago


Basically the seek table is off because it doesn't advance the offset on 
decode errors of the form

AFD: Opened codec 0x8da0310, id(MPEG2VIDEO) type(Video)

The program plays fine sequentially, but skipping is off either manually 
or via auto commercial skipping.

I'm thinking a different decoder building the index or marking the 
commercials would do better.

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