[mythtv-users] Use shell script to load dvd?

jedi jedi at mishnet.org
Tue Dec 11 01:32:18 UTC 2007

On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 06:32:30PM -0600, Richard Shaw wrote:
> Fredrik Hallgarde wrote:
> > Richard Shaw skrev:
> I am experimenting with different options on the command line for Xine. 
> Also, for troubleshooting reasons I've started redirecting the normal 
> and error output to log files which makes the commands in Myth very 
> long. If I call an external script then I don't have to modify the 
> option in mythfrontend which is a pain without a keyboard. I can make 
> the change by running mythfrontend over VNC but it will not take effect 
> for the locally running instance without reloading mythfrontend.
> My main question was, is it possible to pass the file name (%s) to the 
> script?
> Another question relating to Xine. I'm running my 4:3 CRT TV at 720x480 
> over DVI which seems to be the TV's preferred resolution.  To display 
> 16:9 contend it has a picture size button on the remote. Supposedly this 
> preserves the full resolution of a DVD instead of wasting some of the 
> resolution on black bars.
> I have mythtv and mplayer stretch the video to get the right aspect 
> ratio for 4:3 content but Xine seems to put the black bars on DVD's 
> anyway which I don't understand because it shouldn't know the 
> difference. Or rather it should "think" I'm driving a 16:9 format 
> monitor, but if I change my TV to 16:9 it doesn't look correct and 
> leaving it in 4:3 mode looks right. Strange...

  Xine is annoying this way. If you come up with any good commandline
options, please share them. I have resorted to mapping remote keys for
zoom-in & zoom-out so I can just manually zoom to correct xine's 
relatively crude aspect ratio handling.

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