[mythtv-users] Playback issues with myth frontend over a wireless network

Steve Vanspall steve at vanspall.id.au
Sun Dec 9 12:37:04 UTC 2007


this has been asked a few times but without any real answer, so i 
thought i'd spell out my situation.

I have my mythbackend (which also runs a front end) running in my living 
room using a g wireless network card to a router.

My laptop is also on a wireless network card to the same router.

When i try to watch tv or play pre-recorded tv the playback pauses every 
10 seconds or so, like the buffer runs out too early.

So question 1, is this the problem, how do i find out

2. is there any way to increase the buffer size. although thinking about 
it that may not work will just wait longer to pause

also i run windows on the same laptop. I use Mythtvplayer (a windows 
program that connects to my frontend and lets me play pre-recorded tv 
shows). It streams without a problem. To my understanding it connects 
the same way but only allows me to play prerecorded tv.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance


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