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Marc Chamberlin marc at marcchamberlin.com
Wed Dec 5 01:32:30 UTC 2007

I hope this is the right place to come and ask questions... I suspect 
there have been a lot of newbies like myself who have troubles setting 
up MythTV for the first time so hope this group isn't burned out and 
helping. ;-)

I have gotten this up an running sorta, at least to the point where I 
can watch TV but not reliably for some reason and have some outstanding 
issues to solve..

My system is using a Hauppauge 350 TV capture card, running under SuSE 
10.3. (Also has an ATI card to capture HDTV but will worry about it 
later) Display card is the ATI Radeon x1900.

My first issue to immediately address is getting the remote control 
working. Not having much luck but have made some headway... I have set 
up the LIRC daemon and got it running. Downloaded and placed an 
lirc.conf file for the Hauppauge 350 remote into /etc, and the lircrc 
file in the .mythtv directory for my mythtv user. Also copied the 
lircd.conf file into /etc from the SuSE distribution as instructed. I 
then executed the irw to test the remote. Here I get mixed results, it 
seems to recognize many of the key pushes, but not all. And the mapping 
to the name the system understands does not always correlate to what the 
key pushed was, for example if I push the key for menu, the response in 
the irw output seems to think I selected the code to map into the system 
name - Mute, and vice versa...

I am trying to understand the underlying model and am pretty confused. 
It seems that the file called lircd.conf defines a set of system names 
for various inputs, the file called lirc.conf defines the buttons and IR 
codes for the remote, and the file lircrc defines the mapping between 
the IR codes/buttons and the system names?? Am I correct in making this 
assumption? If so, I don't understand how the irw test application is 
managing to see the buttons I push and make a translation into the 
system names. As far as I can determine there is no other lircrc file 
around and the one in the .mythTV directory should only be visible to 
MythTV... Hopefully some kind soul will be able to clear this up for me....

And no when I bring up MythTV, the remote fails completely to do 
anything.. So I guess I am missing something somewhere else....

Second issue - Is there any way to configure MythTV so that it defaults 
to coming up in the 16:9 aspect ratio? My wife sure won't appreciate 
having to set this all the time and I am trying to get the wife 
acceptance factor as high as possible! ;-)

Third issue - another minor one - I had established an account with 
Schedules Direct, and set everything up to receive the listings for the 
TV stations in my area. That much is working. Just cant get the Perl 
script for retrieving the icons for the stations to work. When I execute

perl mkiconmap.pl

it does not ask me for my zipcode or anything else as implied in the 
instructions. Just returns and the resulting iconmap.xml file is pretty 
empty, not a lot of content in it so I strongly suspect this perl script 
is failing for some reason.

Will stop here for the moment, am sure I will have a few more questions 
before I get this completely installed! ;-)

Much appreciate any and all offers of help!  Marc..


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