[mythtv-users] Why does Myth keep adding channels I don't want?

George Mari george_mythusers at mari1938.org
Mon Dec 3 04:01:06 UTC 2007

Jay Mallar wrote:
> I'm hoping this is an easy one..
> I spent *hours* editing my SchedulesDirect feed list to filter out all 
> those channels I don't get (like HD channels).  Yet, every time I run 
> mythfilldatabase, I get new HD channels again, often duplicates of SD 
> channels I already get  (for instance, I get two channel 276, one called 
> NGC and another 276 called NGCHD.  Wouldn't be so bad if MythTV didn't t 
> put them both in my program guides. 
> Everytime the lineup changes, MythTV and SD automatically assume I have 
> that channel, and end up getting guide data for it.  If I wanted the new 
> channel in my lineup, I'd add it :)
> How do I stop this? 
> I'm running mythfilldatabase with the --remove-new-channels option... I 
> thought it was supposed to prevent the addition of channels that aren't 
> in my mythconverg DB?
> According to mythfilldatabase --help:
> --remove-new-channels
>    When using DataDirect, ask mythfilldatabase to
>    remove new channels (those not in the database)
>    from the DataDirect lineup.  These channels are
>    removed from the lineup as if you had done so
>    via the DataDirect website's Lineup Wizard, but
>    may be re-added manually and incorporated into
>    MythTV by running mythfilldatabase without this
>    option.  New channels are automatically removed
>    for DVB and HDTV sources that use DataDirect.
> As a side note, I told Myth I'm using NTSC - so why does it keep adding 
> HD stations?  Perhaps the filter-new-channels thing isn't working?

--remove-new-channels is the right option - I use it myself.

But it sounds like mythfilldatabase already added those channels from 
before you used the --remove-new-channels option?  It doesn't actually 
remove the channels from your channel database - it just keeps new ones 
that appear on Schedules Direct from being added to your channel database.

If they are there already, guide data will be filled in for them. 
Sounds like you need to go into the setup program on the backend and 
delete the channels you don't want to appear in your guide.  Do this 
from a workstation with a keyboard, and use the 'D' key to delete the 
highlighted channel from the list.

You may also want to run run mythfilldatabase --remove-new-channels 
manually from the command line to make sure it's actually ignoring any 
new channels that appear in Schedules Direct.

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