[mythtv-users] put mythgames into background

Chandi Chandi at CeQuiSePasseEnRegion.com
Sat Dec 1 04:01:19 UTC 2007



My girlfriend and I are getting addicted to Super Mario 3. The problem is
when we're stuck at world 5 and we don't want to start over from the
beginning ;) I'm using the xe emulator which doesn't allow me to save my


Anybody has an idea?


Is it possible to put the emulator in the background while watching shows ?


What if the emulator is run by another user? 


That's what I've done for mytharchive. I've made a script that replaces
mytharchive that creates a temp file that is read by a crontab that then
runs the real mytharchive. That permits me to exit X while mytharchives
continues to run. 


Any clue for mythgames ? ;)

Is there a way to save the state of a process and restart it later ?



Chandi Bernier

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