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Fri Aug 3 13:33:49 UTC 2007

"There's also a special 'LiveTV' Storage Group, but the directory list
starts out empty. If you add a directory to the Storage Group, it will
be used instead of putting LiveTV recordings in the Default Storage
Group. This will allow you to put your LiveTV recordings on their own
filesystem, which is similar to the old MythTV method which used a
RingBuffer for LiveTV. Of course, you don't have to do anything, and
Live TV recordings will just go into the Default Storage Group where
they'll be the first programs eligible for expiration if the system
needs free space for recordings.


The 'business' of a filesystem is determined by weights. The following
weights are added to a filesystem if it is in use for the following things:

 * recording = +10
 * playback = +5 (mythfrontend)
 * comm flagging = +5 (mythcommflag)
 * transcoding = +5 (mythtranscode)"

I feel like I read some other info elsewhere that mentioned setting up a
"working directory" or somesuch for transcoding work and what-not.  I
couldn't find the darn thing again (leading me to question the whole
idea in the first place).  That LiveTV Storage Group explanation above
comes close, however.

- Eric

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