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Fri Aug 3 13:33:49 UTC 2007

R. Geoffrey Newbury
Barrister and Solicitor
Suite 106, 150 Lakeshore Road West
Mississauga, Ontario, L5H 3R2 

"Barrister" and "Solicitor," for the benefit of the ignoramuses among
us, are British-Commonwealth terms for species of "lawyers."  That
R. G. (presumably) attended a Canadian law school and thus holds an
LL.B. rather than a J.D. from a US law school in no meaningful way
devalues his informal, off-the-clock legal interpretation of a US law,
given the two nations' legal codes' basis in English common law and
the day-to-day requirement for any Canadian lawyer to be familiar with
US laws' nuances.

> Really, I don't know what your agenda is in spreading FUD like this
> so repetitively, but I find it plain offensive.

I find stupidity and rudeness--from someone whose first post to this
mailing list occurred less than a month ago and who clearly hasn't
read the list or the archives very long, because if you had it'd have
been hard to miss the signature given Newbury's post frequency, or his
occasional textual references to his career--plain offensive.

Let me close this message with a quote from one of your earlier gems,
in which you tell Brad DerManouelian

    Really? It sounds more like you are trying to convince us that
    Robert [Current] is an idiot.

That you needed any help besides Current's own words to be convinced
of his . . . well, I'll be polite and call it a "willigness to hotly
express his beliefs" . . . says something about you.

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