[mythtv-users] SD and mythtv 0.20.2

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Fri Aug 31 19:44:20 UTC 2007

> I have FC5. If yum is dead for this bistro, can i
> update my mythtv using rpm?

If the rpm repositories that mythtv users commonly configure yum to check,
such as atrpms, have ended support for FC5 (which they have) then no, you
can't update mythtv using either yum or rpm - unless you want to build your
own rpms, in which case you'll be building from source to make the rpm
(seems silly for just yourself).

Some options:
1) rebuild the whole system, start over with FC6 or F7 which are in atrpms
(FC6 maybe not for long?) - "easier" in the sense that it should "just work"
from packages (if it did that last time?) Or as has been discussed recently
on the list, use something with a longer lifecycle such as CentOS...
2) checkout some branch of SVN and build from source on your FC5 system,
which should also "mostly just work" given that you have a functioning
mythtv installation now, if you can follow along with the build instructions
in the HOWTO - "not as easy" if you're not comfortable with command-line /
reading -dev lists, etc.

It's been pretty easy (speaking only for myself) to go from a FC5/atrpms
install last August to SVN trunk in December to several SVN updates recently
to use SD. I spent a lot more time trying to get 1080i over component from
the wrong nvidia drivers than switching to SVN.

This assumes you really want mythtv .20.2, and not just a workaround way to
run a SD grabber on an older system.

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