[mythtv-users] nuvexport and cutlist

Stephen A. Dale sdale at peart.com
Fri Aug 31 17:24:36 UTC 2007

FYI, my problem here turns out to be that nuvexport is no longer  
generating a cut list for the program it is exporting, which I am  
certain it used to do.  No big deal, I created a user job that  
generates the cutlist for the job after mythcommflag runs, and the  
nuvexport does indeed honor the cut list.

Two questions: are there any negative ramifications to having the  
cutlist generated?  It still seems to skip commercials correctly on  
the frontend, etc., so I can't SEE any.

And is there some way to have the cut list automatically generated  
without using a user job slot?

Or can I get nuvexport working the way I was used to it doing:  
generating the cut list and then clearing it?  Or am I hallucinating  
that it had that functionality before?


Quoting "Stephen A. Dale" <sdale at peart.com>:

> I'm having the problem on the master backend.
> As for whether the cutlists work while viewing, them commflag for  
> commercial skipping while viewing, but I don't generate a cutlist by  
> default. I have relied on nuvexport to gencutlist while exporting,  
> which worked once upon a time...
> Thanks,
> Steve

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