[mythtv-users] Script to use Schedules Direct with legacy MythTV installations

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Thu Aug 30 22:15:19 UTC 2007

I'm having several issues with this.  (I'm running 0.18.1 under Ubuntu
Breezy; yes, yes, yes, these are ancient, but upgrading this machine
is fraught with issues and I'm trying to do it on -my- schedule, not DD's.)

Several problems here.  First:

    > Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 21:56:23 -0700
    > From: "Josh Mastronarde" <jmastron at gmail.com>

    > 2)  Modify ./tv_grab_na_sd; replace the "dd_service" line with:
    >     my $dd_service=
    >       'http://docs.tms.tribune.com/tech/tmsdatadirect/zap2it/xtvd.wsdl';

Are you sure about that?  That looks like an -old- URL.  I just
fetched the Breezy version of xmltv (old) and it installed a
tv_grab_na_dd dated 8/30/2005.  That version has the -same- URL
you have above; did you perhaps typo the new vs old URL?

(I haven't yet tried to figure out what the -right- URL is, but
I figured I'd check first while I'm poking around.)


I tried running
   tv_grab_na_dd --configure --config-file ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_na_sd.conf
anyway to see what it would do (and in particular whether it would
somehow be grabbing data from SD, not DD, once configured), and it
bombed out:

    Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at
    /usr/bin/tv_grab_na_dd line 501.

    Time OFFSET Selection (note: not a timeZONE)
    It is better to specify +0000 and let the final application
    deal with a local conversion (helps with DST issues), but you
    can specify a Time Offset if desired.
    +0000 UTC
    -0400 Eastern  Daylight
    -0500 Eastern  Standard or Central Daylight
    -0600 Central  Standard or Mountain Daylight
    -0700 Mountain Standard or Pacific Daylight
    -0800 Pacific  Standard

This is while it's trying to compute a TZ offset (that line is
         $opt_tz_offset='+0000'  if $opt_tz_offset =~ /UTC/i;
), but I don't know why it's having problems.


If I have two lineups instead of one, what do I do?  Run the script
twice?  Configure it with alternate ID's?  And how do I -find- those
lineup ID's?  For now, I can log into labs, or check my existing myth
configuration, but if I was starting from scratch, I'm not sure how
I'd know them---editing my lineups at SD don't show any such lineup
ideas; am I looking in the wrong place?

Tnx for any help...

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