[mythtv-users] mythtv-setup and X forward

Robert Johnston anaerin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 07:36:33 UTC 2007

On 8/30/07, Justin The Cynical <cynical at penguinness.org> wrote:
> Joe Ripley wrote:
> > On 8/29/07, Steve Peters - Priority Electronics
> > <steve at priorityelectronics.com> wrote:
> >> Hello, I tried to do "ssh -X <hostname>"
> >> I typed in a command to run and it showed up on the screen of the computer I
> >> was logged into, and not on my screen. Any ideas? (btw, x was running on
> >> that computer, not sure if that makes a difference)
> >
> > Your DISPLAY variable was probably set for the localhost instead of
> > the remote host that you are logging in from.  X programs look at the
> > DISPLAY environment variable to see where they should be displayed.
> *snip*
> This doesn't apply when one is connecting via SSH and the X forwarding
> parts are working correctly (settings are configurable on both the
> server and client side).
> Now, changing the DISPLAY variable to point to the client machine should
> work, but it kind of defeats the purpose of the SSH X forwarding IMO.
> *Recalls the days of telnet and setting that variable all the freaking
> time when working across the LAN*

I think he means that somewhere your DISPLAY variable was overridden,
so that instead of pointing at localhost:15 (Or some other high
number) for the SSH forwarding, it was pointed at localhost:0 (For the
local display).

Things I'd suggest:
Ensure X forwarding is set up correctly in both SSH configurations
Use export to display the contents of the DISPLAY variable (And check
it's correct)
Use xdpyinfo to query the status of your display
Try forwarding another window (xterm, for example)

If all those work, then it looks like you may be using xhost + and
export DISPLAY=hostname:0 to see if that works.
Robert "Anaerin" Johnston

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