[mythtv-users] Myth Video Organization

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Thu Aug 30 04:19:00 UTC 2007

On Thu, August 30, 2007 1:42 pm, Steve Peters - Priority Electronics wrote:
> Hello, I have a few questions here about myth, videos, recordings, etc
> 1. I have been nuvexporting episodes of the simpsons and now have quite a
> collection going. I then put them in mythvideo. Thing is, myth video is
> not
> as good as the recordings part when viewing these videos because you don't
> get as much info when viewing in mythvideo unless you only want to see one
> video at a time.
> So i want to either find out if there is a better myth video view
> available,
> or I'd just as well move the now xvid avi's back into the recordings area
> and see them from there.

ragetvgrab.pl will do that, search the archives to find the download link..

Personally I would rather amend ragetvgrab.pl to insert the data in the
mythvideo part of the database and keep the videos in there (orincipally
because I am used to it, and like to use mplayer which is not an option if
they are in "recordings". But I don't really have the skills to change the

> If we go with moving the videos back to the
> recordings area, is there any sort of script i can run to do that and keep
> the descriptions (which i've been copying and pasting in)?
> 2. If i go and keep the videos in mythvideo, is there some sort of imdb
> type
> feature that can be applied to tv shows in the videos area so that you get
> all the cool info very easily?
> 3. I saw the linux mce video the other day and really liked how they had
> their "video gallery" setup where you would see the images of the movie
> covers, and then when you had a movie highlighted, you saw the rest of the
> info (description, etc)...that would be awesome to have that in myth. Is
> there a way to do that?

That all happens in mythvideo, but the info needs to be in there first.
Depends on the view of course.

> I have so many videos and movies on my mythbox that i just need a better
> way
> to organize it all so that you don't have to hit the remote like 50 times
> just to find the right movie.

I know the feeling.

Nick Rout

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