[mythtv-users] SD: 4 lineups per account? Re: Schedules Direct and multiple zap2it accounts

Scott Alfter mythtv at salfter.dyndns.org
Wed Aug 29 22:26:41 UTC 2007

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Peter Watkins wrote:
> "The reason some user created multiple Zap2It Labs (Z2L)accounts was 
> because Z2L (and DataDirect as a whole), doesn't allow a lineup to be 
> added twice with different channel layouts. The recommended solution 
> there is to do the filtering locally and not via the lineup editor."

I have two Zap2It accounts set up because I use different subsets of the local
digital-cable lineup for the FireWire-connected cable box (gets most channels)
and the A180 (gets only local HD channels).  I suppose I could try using the
broadcast lineup for the A180 (even though it's connected to cable), but if
there's a way to set up one lineup and filter the channels available on
different inputs, that would be nice.  (I could even then use a subset of the
digital-cable lineup for the PVR500 inputs, instead of pulling through an
analog-cable lineup with the same channel info).

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