[mythtv-users] Cox Communications has turned off Firewire output

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Aug 29 18:24:51 UTC 2007

Tom Greer wrote:

> The response I received from the Customer Support supervisor really
> pissed me off.  It was so different than any other interaction with Cox,
> that I was truly surprised.
> He started by rather pompously telling me the firewire ports were
> deactivated by a new software download to all set-top boxes. 
> Then, as we discussed the issue, he rambled a bit about:
>     * protecting the content of copyright holders

Hmmm... This one is generally a concern of the copyright
holders/Hollywood Types, not CATV operators. I'd guess that language did
not originate with the cable folks.

I wonder if the HWTs are pressuring the cable operators to take these
actions, knowing it will not be them (the HWTs) who get into trouble if
there is a problem.

If you could prove that, can you say "conspiracy" ??

I still say the EFF should be made aware of the situation.


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