[mythtv-users] Bad quality on Composite and S-Video inputs on a DVB-T card

Magarto magarto at magarto.com
Wed Aug 29 13:46:45 UTC 2007

Hi, i use a DVB-T card which has also video inputs (composite and 
s-video) and it uses PAL (i live in Spain).

I have handled DVB-T channels and they works very well but with V4L 
suing /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 which uses Composite the screen is 
always hanging for a couple of seconds all the time and the quality 
isn't very good. I use xdtv and it works very well on it. I have tried 
to scan this device to find a channel (logically it cannot find any) to 
change PAL... properties but i cannot do it.

How can i get it?

Another question is: if i backup .mythtv folder and DB and i restore it 
when i update Ubuntu, will i have all my configs and channels working???

The last things i think is a bug...
I always have some black lines in the top of the screen. I change aspect 
ratio, but these lines are always. How can i configure my DVB-T on 
mythtv to remove them?? In kaffeine these lines does not appear.

Thanks, thanks and again thanks :)

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