[mythtv-users] Improving Channel Switching Speed

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 29 09:19:30 UTC 2007

Jeremy Gillick wrote:
> Is there a way to reduce the time it takes to switch between channels? 
> I have a set top box with a homebrew IR blaster.  The set top box 
> already takes long enough to change channels and I'm hoping there's a 
> way to improve the speed on the MythTv end.  Currently it takes up to 
> 8 seconds to switch between channels.

You need to do some spousal training. Time to teach her to press "m" for 
menu and select program guide. Then she can surf all she wants as fast 
as she desires and as a bonus she gets program descriptions and ratings 
to review before selecting a channel. Plus she can schedule a recording 
when she sees something worth saving.

Scrolling thru channels is always going to be slow. About 5 seconds for 
myth itself plus any ir blaster time. Nothing to be done for it. Faster 
requires direct control of hardware which cannot be done at the consumer 
level or with a consumer PC.


PS - There is a checkbox to allow scrolling channels without actually 
changing the channel but that is still slower than the guide.

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