[mythtv-users] osx-packager.pl fails

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Wed Aug 29 02:46:40 UTC 2007

At 1:02 PM -0600 8/26/07, David Snider wrote:
>I just used the stock .20.2  (I've deleted it since I built the .20.2
>binary).  It looked like a much older version of the packager.   You
>probably should just install a version of svn for macosx.  I used Fink
>to install the svn client.

In case it helps anyone else...

I now have a working Mac OSX 20.2 frontend and backend.(Well, almost.  I've got to get SchedulesDirect lined up with the scanned channels.)  This is on my Core Duo Mini using an HDHomerun under 10.4.10. 

There are a couple of versions of osx-packager.pl floating around out there.  The trunk version seemed to be the most up to date except that it had bad urls for MySQL and libdvdcss.  I used:


Next, osx-packager.pl tries to download and install a subversion client if it does not find one installed.  This failed for me.  (Can't remember the exact message.)  So I fired up FinkCommander and installed svn-client.  Now you'd think that all would be well, but oh no, osx-packger.pl complained that svn was using an older version of a library that was not compatible.  After fighting with FinkCommander (and even command line fink), I remembered that I also have Darwin Ports installed (aka MacPorts).

But, of course, the default install of subversion wouldn't work.  (Sense some frustration here?)  The build failed on the db44 package.  After some searching, I found that apr-util can be installed without db44 by using the modifier "-no_db".  After that, subversion installed successfully with the same modifier.

But it wasn't quite smooth sailing yet.  Now, osx-packager.pl got further but failed while checking out the source code.  Finally, I ran a -dist-clean (there must have been some bad bits due to all the failed attempts) and, without further drama, all the pieces were downloaded, built and installed.  The options I used were:

./osx-packager.pl -svntag release-0-20-2 -enable-backend -noversion -verbose

Now to get some recording rules defined and get going!


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