[mythtv-users] Near Ultrasonic Noise - PVR150

Raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 01:11:23 UTC 2007

Matt Gibson wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have a weird recurring issue with my mythbox (combined
> backend/frontend). The temperature in the box seems fine, but I get
> this very high pitched noise coming from it every now and again. It's
> highly irritating.
> If I listen to the back of the case, the noise sounds to come from the
> power supply, however if I remove the case, it sounds more like it's
> coming from the PVR150 or Nvidia Card I have in there.
> In order to stop the noise, what I have done is got a stand up floor
> fan, and laid it down on the ground behind the server pointing
> directly into the air vents. This seems to stop the noise.
> Has anyone else experienced this with their cards? or know if there's
> some kind of fan that will fit in a PCI slot that I can direct down on
> the PVR? Obviously a fan laying behind the computer isn't the most
> elegant solution and my girlfriend is getting annoyed looking at it :)

Zalman fb123: http://www.endpcnoise.com/cgi-bin/e/std/sku=fb123
I took away the 92mm fan that came with it and replaced it with this 
nearly inaudible fan (well, from 5 feet away it's not audible anyway):

It's set up so that it blows over the graphics card, one pvr-150, the 
wireless card, and partially over the other pvr-150. It really worked 
wonders for bringing down the pvr 150 temps; they went form being hot to 
cool to the touch.

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