[mythtv-users] Latest MythTV with SD on Gentoo

glen martin lists at locutory.org
Tue Aug 28 22:21:26 UTC 2007

Brad Fuller wrote:
> I just emerged media-tv/mythtv-0.20.2_p14282 and some plugins. They
> work so far. I have not moved over to SD yet. Just want to see how
> this works for a while.
As I was doing the upgrade, I noticed that a later checkin in myth's
subversion tree was available, fixing a couple of small low-risk things.
So I created a new mythtv-0.20.2_p14324.ebuild in my overlay, unmasked,
and emerged that onto my 3 myth boxes. Then emerged all the plugins
(mythdvd, mythvideo, mythmusic and mythweb so far).  I haven't yet
converted to SD. 

The upgrade itself was a bit convoluted ... a couple of these machines I
don't keep up to date very much, so I had to upgrade Java and subversion
first (subversion needed ~x86 in package.keywords). The ebuilds didn't
force that, but the need became clear part way through the builds.  I
also didn't want to muck with the ivtv stuff, and definitely didn't want
to touch the hotplug and so forth for my firmware load. So I added ivtv
and pvr-firmware to packages.provided to leave all that alone.

This seems to be working pretty well so far, apart from some functions
of mythweb (but since I don't use mythweb much those problems might have



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