[mythtv-users] intel 845G - vga to scart

marek mark_kiddy at wp.pl
Tue Aug 28 12:42:01 UTC 2007

i built my cable for use with intel not for radeon (i know radeon can do 
csync) - but after some unsuccessful experiments with intel I bought 
radeon 7000 (really cheap) so I use previously soldered (rather good 
quality) cable with radeon without problems.

cable with csync regenerated from vsync/hsync are universal while csync 
can be used only with radeon (as I saw on some forums)

intel doesn't have  "ForceMinDotClock"  option

25MHz is their specification (i think) for this chip (i8xx i9xx intel 
graphic cards are integrated in chipset with shared video memory) and 
better - intel says - "interlaced modes are not fully implemented" 
because "people are not interested in this"

any other hints ?
Marek K.

Andy Burns pisze:
> On 28/08/2007 12:41, marek wrote:
>> You are partially right :
>> intel doesn't output csync so I recreate it (with simple one transistor 
>> circuit - the same cable for radeon & intel) .
> I use radeon without any external sync conversion, just "composite" in 
> the modeline.
>> real problem is the intel linux driver for xorg (and i think hardware too)
>> intel's min pixel-clock is 25MHz - so interlaced modelines can't be 
>> simply adapted from radeon
> My Radeon hardware detects a minimum clock rate that is too high for 
> PAL, but I force it lower with
> 	Option      "ForceMinDotClock" "13.0MHz"
> I don't know if Intel chipset obeys that too?
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