[mythtv-users] Cox Communications has turned off Firewire output

Tom Greer trgreer at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 01:24:55 UTC 2007

On 8/27/07, Tom Poe <tompoe at fngi.net> wrote:
> Tom:  Can you take the time and call again, get a name and then follow
> up with a complaint for fraud to the SEC.
> http://www.sec.gov/complaint/selectconduct.shtml
> Just the facts, of course, and they can give it a label.  The CA
> attorney general needs to know as well.  They should be able to help you
> determine corporate info to share so anyone can register complaints
> about their business practices.  These guys operate nationally, so a
> top-down policy might be affecting a lot of folks.
> Tom

I have already filed complaint with the FCC.  In addition, I have emailed
complaints with the following executives:


Amy Cohn
Executive Director of Public Affairs
(404) 843-5769
amy.cohn at cox.com
Stephanie Davis
Director of Public Affairs
(404) 843-7872
stephanie.davis2 at cox.com

Erin Lambremont
Manager of Public Relations
(404) 843-5854
erin.lambremont at cox.com

 *Orange County/Palos Verdes*
Ayn Craciun
Communications Manager
(949) 546-2597
ayn.craciun at cox.com

In my communications, I have stated that I believe this is a local decision
made by an uninformed person, and that I am sure that this will be corrected
once escalated to the proper level of management.

I think that lawsuits and/or SEC complaints are a little premature.

I would urge any other Cox subscribers to similarly express their concerns
with the same people.

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