[mythtv-users] OT? Myth and VNC

Jay Mallar lists at jaymallar.com
Mon Aug 27 21:57:58 UTC 2007

George Mari wrote:
> Jay Mallar wrote:
>> Has anyone been able to get Myth running over VNC?  In particular, I'm 
>> using Fedora Core 7, and the stable version of Mythtv.  I'm also using 
>> the Xvnc that comes with Fedora. 
>> Trying to run mythtv-setup gives me Xlib errors that XInputExtension is 
>> missing.  I've tried adding +extension XInputExtenion but it doesn't 
>> seem to have any effect.  Further, according to the RealVNC website, my 
>> verison of XVnc comes with XInputExtension enabled by default anyway.
>> What's the trick?
> Have you tried loading the vnc module in your xorg.conf?  I'm running 
> FC6, and I have following in xorg.conf:
> Section "Module"
>          Load  "dbe"
>          Load  "extmod"
>          Load  "fbdevhw"
>          Load  "glx"
>          Load  "record"
>          Load  "freetype"
>          Load  "type1"
>          Load  "vnc"
>          Load  "v4l"
> EndSection
> I have the vnc-server rpm also installed, but I don't actually run it:
Played around a bit more with this.  I took your advice and attempted to
use the built-in vnc module rather than the RealVNC module provided by

After tweaking a bit, I got it to work.  And here's what I had to add:

Section "Module"
  Load     "vnc"
  Load     "freetype"
  Load     "type1"

Section "Screen"
  #This tells X where to locate the VNC password file
  Option     "PasswordFile"    "/home/your_user_name/.vnc/passwd"

Then do an "init 2" and "init 5" to restart X.

I had already run vncpasswd as mythtv.

Now, on my remote machine, I simply run:

vncviewer <host>

and it works great.  In fact this also does something else I wanted to
do with my other machines, it actually shares the :0 desktop, where
using the vnc-server module created a separate desktop instance.

Here's a great page that provides more info, some of which  I used to
help me get it working:


Now to figure out how to start another X/KDE instance on :1 with
different resolution so I can use that display instead!  :)


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