[mythtv-users] My Upgade Dilema with FC5

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Mon Aug 27 16:31:36 UTC 2007

> James -
> First off, I wouldn't try to go with Fedora 7.  My understanding is that 
> there are known problems with anaconda on Fedora 7.  I would consider either 
> FC6 or CentOS for now.  I've been using xfs with no worries (when I set up 
> initally, jfs was reported to be problematic for some, not so now).
> FWIW, An upgrade to FC6 and a "yum update" to get the latest packages from 
> Axel and running mythtv-setup followed by mythfilldatabase was all that was 
> required to get my combined Frontend/Backend transitioned from Zap2It to 
> SD.  I might be tempted to go that route for the moment, and do the CentOS 
> upgrade at your leisure.
> Hope that helps...
> Chris K.

I decided to go ahead with a new install, because right now is the best
time to do it (before the TV season starts).

So I started the install for CentOS 5 and find that my only options for
file system are ext2 and ext3. Do I need to install the system as one of
these on a smaller partition, then add support for JFS afterward, then
use the rest of the free space? That seems to be the case, but want to
make sure. 


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