[mythtv-users] Schedules Direct and multiple zap2it accounts

Ted Anderson tja at pobox.com
Mon Aug 27 15:43:22 UTC 2007

glen martin wrote:
> I might have missed the answer to this in all the haranguing about
> freeness, in which case I don't apologize and instead wish there might
> have been a higher degree of signal to noise.
> There is a FAQ on Schedules Direct:
> <<<
> I was using multiple accounts with Zap2It Labs. What now?
> Unfortunately this is a low level problem in the Tribune Media Services
> server software which we can not solve on our end right now. However,
> the Schedules Direct developers are working on a solution to this problem.
> That isn't an answer that helps me keep my wife in her programming in
> what, 5 days?
> Has anyone figured this out yet?  My particular flavour of this problem
> is 2 Zap2It accounts, one for my HD OTA and the other for DirecTV
> broadcasts.
> thanks
> glen
It seems to me that you don't need 2 separate accounts but instead 2
separate lineups. In your setup you input the username/password and then
select which lineup you want. Then you tie the hardware to the correct
lineups. I'm assuming you have separate input cards for the different

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