[mythtv-users] Some atsc eit but not all

Vern spamvern at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 26 20:15:41 UTC 2007

Is that the only EIT error message you see?  Any chance you also see "ATSC chan xxx is hidden in guide" for the channels that are not getting populated?  That was my main problem.  I do still see the message you see and am getting data filled in so that might not be your problem.

Since I am running gentoo, which is source based, I ended up removing the following lines of code from atscstreamdata.cpp in libmythtv/mpeg/ which seemed to be looking at a field in the EIT packet and deciding it should be hidden.  You can also enable more verbose EIT debug.  In gentoo it is easy to just add "eit" into the MYTH_VERBOSE flag in /etc/init.d/mythbackend otherwise figure out how to start mythbackend with --verbose important,general,eit

Here is the code I removed to get ATSC EIT data working on all my channels:

        if (vct->IsHiddenInGuide(i))
            VERBOSE(VB_EIT, QString("%1 chan %2-%3 is hidden in guide")
                    .arg(vct->ModulationMode(i) == 1 ? "NTSC" : "ATSC")

I had hoped there was something in the database I could set, but vct->IsHiddenInGuide(i) does not seem to be what you would think by the name (all my channels were set as visible in the guide and useonair, etc.).  It seems to be checking a bit in the transmitted stream, maybe?  Taking out the check solved it so I didn't dig any deeper.

    //   hide_guide             1  25.6
    bool IsHiddenInGuide(uint i) const
        return bool(_ptrs[i][26] & 0x2);

Good luck.  It's not quite as nice a zap2it was, but it's free and seems to work for me now.

allen_t <allen_t at firn.edu> wrote: Hi,

I've been trying to get the eit scanner to fill the epg with
data in Jacksonville, Florida. I have followed all of the
instructions I can find (enabling eit overall and for each
channel in mythbackend). I have confirmed that all atsc
streams contain usable data by using atscap. Two of the
eight multiplexes are successful but the other six give
the following message from /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log

EITScanner: Now looking for EIT data on multiplex of channel
DVBChan(0) Warning: Symbol Rate setting (0) is out of range 

What I am missing? Thanks in advance.

Tim Allen
allen_t at firn.edu

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