[mythtv-users] Looking for new DVB-S+CAM based backend hardware recommendations

Phil Jordan lists at philjordan.eu
Sun Aug 26 16:59:07 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

I've looked through recent list archives and lurked on the list for a
couple of weeks now, but I've not quite found what I'm after yet.

I've been running MythTV with a TT-1200 DVB-T PCI tuner for about 2
years now, and I'm extremely happy with it. I'm moving in about a
month's time, and the DVB-T coverage at my destination sucks, so I'm
having to switch to DVB-S with a CAM in order to get the same channels.
The choice of tuner cards seems to be vastly smaller in this sector than
for unencrypted DVB-T, and exactly what subset of that is supported by
Linux and MythTV isn't clear to me.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but as I understand it, it is in
principle possible to tune to encrypted DVB-S using a CAM and valid &
legal SmartCard with the encryption keys, using the low-level DVB
subsystem in Linux. It needs some software support, which MythTV appears
to have.

With that out of the way, the available DVB-S tuners with CI slots or
adapters I could find are:

[1] "DigitalRise DVB-S PCI Sat CI (1034)" (seems to be a rebranded
Twinhan "1034")
[2] "Twinhan VisionDTV DVB-S PCI Sat CI (1030A/1032A)"
[3] "DigitalRise DVB-S2 PCI Sat CI (1041)" (seems to be a rebranded
Twinhan "1041")
[4] "TechnoTrend Budget S-1500, PCI" combined with "TechnoTrend TT
Budget CI extension"

I've only looked at PCI cards. If there's good reason to look at USB
products, let me know, I just have an irrational fear of using USB for
anything but keyboard and mouse. ;) As far as I can tell, PCIe DVB cards
aren't supported in Linux yet.

Number [3] has DVB-S2 support, which I don't care about. If it happens
to also be a great DVB-S receiver, then I'll get it. It comes at quite a
premium compared to the pure DVB-S options, so I'll choose the latter
all else being equal.

Any advice on which one to choose would be appreciated. If you know of
other available models (UK or Euro-zone) then I'd be interested in that
too. Cheap is good if it works. I'd rather pay a bit more if it buys me
reliability, however.

FWIW, as far as I can tell, I need to purchase a "Dragon" CAM, in case
this has any impact on the choice of Tuner+CI.

Any help or advice is appeciated!



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